BOAT Polisher



Boat Polisher provides a professional and specialist restoration and gelcoat polishing service for GRP boats.



Based in the North West of England, we deliver a specialist mobile boat valeting service throughout the North West counties: Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales, Manchester.


This year we have been able to offer a bespoke upholstery and canvas repair service to our customers, giving boat interiors and cockpit cushions a fresh new look using current fabric technology.


ABOUT UV light and Oxidation -

It is your enemy!


A combination of sunlight and air cause oxidation of a boat's gelcoat, making the surface look faded and chalky

* it damages the gelcoat of your boat

* it affects the underlying binders in the resins

* it weakens the mechanical structure of GRP

* it detracts from the appearance of your boat

* it devalues your investment!


However, shine applied with waxes alone can rapidly deteriorate. In a matter of weeks you will be left with the previous dull and flat finish. This dulling effect occurs more rapidly as time progresses – a vicious cycle.


With an oxidised surface, there is limited or no protection from harmful UV light - so, be wary of a fast shine finish, it's the marine equivalent of a mechanic's oily rag?

Shiny does not mean Polished!

Simply applying a wax coating can make your boat look shiny, does not address the problem. Your boat is shiny, but unprotected.


What does GRP polishing entail?

- The key is to cut through the surface layers of oxidation, to make the gelcoat smooth and reflective

- Providing a sound GRP base is a vital step, ensuring your hull can be properly protected

- Then, and only then, is it worthwhile sealing your gelcoat to protect it from the elements

- Applying specialist marine sealants and UV protectors will then maintain your boat's lustrous finish.


Polished GRP is highly reflective; harmful UV light bounces off. This, combined with our specialist sealants and UV coatings, ensures that water will bead from it's surface.

The result is a deep and long lasting shine!


- We specialise in GRP polishing and gelcoat repairs

- We provide a cost-effective boat detailing service for all types of boats (sail or power, day boats, trailer-sailers, bowriders, sports cruisers, motor cruisers)

- We deliver quality workmanship - GRP polishing to remove light or heavy oxidation from your boat or yacht, followed by professional finishing to seal in the shine.

- GRP damage, chips, scratches can be rectified with specifically colour matched gelcoat for your yacht or motorboat

- We use only industry-leading, specially formulated compounds, polishes and techniques to bring back the finish and lustre to your boat (Lloyd's Approved Topcoat finishes)

- We are mobile and happy to travel to your boat, effecting repairs 'in situ'


- We don't do a 'quick fix' or cut corners; in our opinion this delivers no value to you (or us) and your boat will continue to dull at an ever increasing rate

- We don't do painted or wrapped boats, or major structural GRP repair work

- We specialise in GRP polishing and gelcoat repairs



Please contact us at or telephone on  

07735 981 433 to discuss your requirements.


We will make arrangements to view your boat and provide a firm quote for the work to be done and discuss with you the appropriate timescales.