BOAT Polisher



Boat polishing charges naturally depend on both the size of your boat or yacht, plus the degree of oxidation and/or damage that your boat has suffered.


With our experience, light oxidation presents little probelm, a methodical approach and established processes will deliver results for a very reasonable cost.


We do polish older boats, with really heavy oxidation, bringing back the lustre of gelcoat that has been weathered for many decades the results are truly astonishing. Naturally this can take more time, but the fastidious attention to detail we apply will deliver a result you will love.


Once we have viewed your boat, discussed your requirements and what can be achieved, a firm price can be provided.


Below are a few examples of typical costs to help you budget and the figures quoted are for a range from very light to heavy oxidation.


Trailer-Sailer - Hull

eg Leisure 17

15-17ft: c £95 - £140


Cruising Yacht -Hull/Superstructure

eg Beneteau First 24

24-26ft: c £255 - £380


Sports Cuddy - Hull/Superstructure

eg Four Winns 225 Sundowner

21-23ft: c £210 - £315


Cabin Cruiser - Hull/Superstructure

eg Bayiner 3055

30-32ft: c £540 - £790